Vegetarian All Day Keto

Breakfast I Lunch + Side dish I Dinner + Side dish
1300-1500 calories

The Vegetarian Keto Diet combines the characteristics of vegetarianism and keto dieting into one eating plan, bringing several benefits besides promoting weight loss, including protection against chronic disease and assistance in blood sugar regulation. If you’re a vegetarian looking to reap the benefits of a Ketogenic diet, then this meal plan will be an ideal choice for you.

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2 Week Plan

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AED 1675
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(6 days Per Week)

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(7 days Per Week)

4 Week Plan

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AED 2790
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(6 days Per Week)

AED 3256
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(7 days Per Week)



You can get up to 3 meals a day per week. Be more keto’s menu offers you delicious recipes every week. You will always have a variety of dishes to choose from every day.

We’re a certified meal plan company and only work with trusted suppliers to source sustainable and delicious gourmet ingredients. Rest assured that everything in your ketogenic subscription box is non-GMO and free of any preservatives and artificial flavors.

A ketogenic diet is an effective way to lose weight and lower risk factors for heart disease. The diet is so filling that you can lose weight without counting calories or tracking your food intake. Before you take up this diet plan, it is important that you speak to a nutritionist or a keto coach to guide you on the right plan that will be suitable for you.

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